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About us
Tech Dreamer was a dream of two Bangladeshi boy. Those two boys are none else the CEO & AEO here. It was early September 2000 while visiting foreign web pages they felt , there a very few web pages dominated by Bangladeshis. Soon they took an effort to release a portal on net.
They almost completed the job, but later they realized that only 4-5 web designing firms in the country, can never guide the country all the way through the Information Super Highway.

It is true that there were a lot of web hosting firms who also provide some designing stuffs but, Bangladesh were in crying need of dedicated web Developers. However, realizing the crying need of some energetic people regarding Information Technology, those two boys joined the flow & were trying to form an IT firm. On their way, many people helped them
& some obviously made obstacles.

However , today Tech Dreamer is well-known as an web designing firm rather than an IT firm , but Tech Dreamer is still keeping pace with its IT related software production, E-commerce solution, Online business solution & many more IT stuffs.